Be Consistent in Social Media Marketing

March 26th, 2019

By: Pamela

For your social media marketing to be effective and be successful, you will need to keep doing the right thing over and over again. What is that?  You must be consistent.  Once you establish a pattern, you will need to stick with it.  For starters, posting regularly and engaging regularly is the only way to slowly grow your followers. This can be tiring and disheartening at first as it will always start with a very slow trickle of new fans. But keep it up and you’ll see growth.

Many business owners don’t have a lot of time to devote to regular postings so what are a few things you can you do to help things along?



1 – Set up a Social Media Calendar

Just like you would sit down and write out your goals for your business (or your life) you need to do the same for your social media marketing.  Devise a calendar that you can use to plan out your social media postings.  You can plan out how often you’d like to post and what you’d like to post.  You want to build momentum and eventually, over time you will start to see growth.

A social media calendar can be hand-written by using a regular dated calendar, you can use an excel spreadsheet or a Word document or you can use a social media management tool.  Find something that works for you and stick with it Use the calendar for the purpose of being consistent.  If you need help with a social media calendar and schedule check out my website to see what all can do to help your business.



2 – Follow the Same Blueprint

Another way to help you be consistent with your social media marketing is to devise and follow the same blueprint.  One important reason for this is that any big pause in content, or any sudden change in what you post, can very quickly lead to a loss of fans or followers.

This is a danger when it comes to creating a personal brand. If you build yourself a personal brand that is tied to your business, then it can end up creating a scenario where half of your posts are about your business or your chosen niche and half of them are about your cereal or getting stuck in traffic. If you are building a brand for your business keep your posts consistently about your business and offer value to those who are reading your content. 

Set up a personal account to keep your friends updated on random posts.  If you want to share that you are enjoying something on TV or read a good book, do that on your personal account.  It doesn’t mean that you can’t share business information on your personal account also but limit the personal information you share on your business account.  The purpose of your social media marketing is to grow your followers and therefore to grow your business.  The reason people follow you on social media for your business is that they want to learn more about their favorite subject or get information about something they are researching or trying to solve a problem.  If they keep getting inundated about your day, then eventually they might end up becoming bored with your random content and thus stop following you.

This is a situation you want to avoid, which is why it’s so important that you set a very clear tone and subject matter for your content before you begin. Having a blueprint for your social media marketing will help you to be more effective with your business. 

If you’re going to be posting on your lifestyle and tying that to your niche or business, then keep it loosely related to selling the dream and make sure that your audience knows what to expect. That way, they will get what they came for and that will ensure that they feel as though they’re getting the value they were promised!



3 – Set a Consistent Time to Post on Social Media

Setting up posts on social media at the same time is not a must but being consistent with the time you post is helpful for those followers who are looking for your next post or watching for the information that you provide.  Set up a time that works best for you so that you will be successful with your social media marketing.