Make Your Tweets Worth Reading

April 28th, 2019

By: Pamela


Twitter is following Facebook in terms of user base and in no time, it may stand against it with the huge user database and following. Twitter is being used to make businesses prosper and campaigns successful, be it marketing or political movements.  Do you see how fast word gets around when someone tweets?


Millions of people are tweeting about their business, personal lives, meetings, events, breakups, interests, new offerings and much more. But if you want to take your business' profile to the level where your brand could lead the whole industry, where your followers actually listen to you, trust you and hold goodwill for your brand, you need to be very critical about what your share on Twitter and how you share it. Your one sarcastic comment could upset your most beneficial and profitable customer. So just be sure about these things.


Keep reading for tips on what you should and should not do.



Don’t Make Your Personal Conversations Public

It’s common to post personal tweets when you wake up, when you have lunch, when you go outside with your kids and friends or whatever you do during your personal time.  That's alright, but making deals or things which must not involve others, have to be done privately. It gives a very unprofessional impression of you to the world. If you have a message for a specific person, you should send him or her a direct message, not plaster it across a public forum.  I’ve actually seen people put their business conversations out there.  “Hey Bob, let’s meet at Starbucks on Cherry Lane at 9 am and talk about our merger.”  I don’t know what they are thinking!


Communicate with Your Followers

Twitter is a place for two-way communication and not for self-talk. You will look like an idiot, greedy and sarcastic, if you keep posting tweets about your business and don’t engage yourself in healthy conversation with your Twitter friends and followers.  

Try to engage yourself with on-going conversation and gossips and make a stand that will distinguish you from the rest. Isn't it a cost-effective way to be noticed? Your twitter will represent an Ad stream and not more than it. Be natural because they are human too. You don’t want to become known as “that person” who constantly spams and sales to people.  People will start to avoid you.


Use Shorter Links

You will find many websites that allow you to shorten long and lengthy links. Try using them and make the best use of your limited space on Twitter. It looks good because no one actually likes super-duper long links. Try “Pretty Links” or “Bitly" to shorten your links.


Block Spam Followers

When you see your follower lists and find spam profiles, it doesn’t create a good impression on you. If you recognize someone as a spammer block them in the first place by using the blocking options available on Twitter.




Help Your Friends and Followers

You can build a very healthy and strong bond with your friends and followers, by just helping them out in little issues. Maybe someone is looking for an article about newly released iPhones if you can do so, help him.  Maybe someone is looking for information on the best fitness equipment or the best workout.  If you can help them or point them in the right direction.   Share helpful and useful links on your Twitter which you think might help others. Make good relationships make good business.  Keep it simple.


You can still make Twitter work to your greatest advantage but be smart about it and focus on building relationships with others instead of just trying to sell your product or business.  Those things will come when you make others your priority.